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Tafoya, Rocio (Assistant Principal)




Every LAUSD student will receive an education in a safe,caring environment.  And every student will be college-prepared and career-ready.


Sally Ride Elementary School:  A SMArT Academy is committed to providing safe classrooms and healthy environments conducive to learning and free from disruption to all students.  We are committed to espouse, teach, and model the SRES School Wide Behavior/Resolution Expectations.  Each classroom sets clear expectations, uses positive reinfocement, and logical consequences for behavior.


(Taken from the Parent Student Handbook)

All LAUSD schools work diligently to make sure that students and staff are prepared for emergencies. Every school has an emergency plan that provides guidance for the school staff in an emergency. Every school conducts regular emergency drills that meet or exceed the state mandated requirements, and accommodates persons with disabilities, such as:

Fire Drill – Every elementary school practices this procedure once a month.

Earthquake Drill – Once a year, all schools conduct a full-scale earthquake exercise as part of the Great California Shake-Out. The drills are scheduled in the fall and all the elements of the school‘s disaster plan are practiced Districtwide.

Lockdown Drill – At least once a year, schools practice how they will respond to a threat on or near the campus.

Shelter- in-Place Drill – At least once a year, schools practice how they will respond to an environmental hazard on or near the campus.

Drop, Cover, and Hold On Drill – Every month, schools use this drill to remind students how to protect themselves during an earthquake.

Take Cover Drill – At least once a year, students practice how they would respond to gunfire or an explosion in the neighborhood.

Parents are asked to make sure that their students actively participate and take emergency drills seriously. These drills help make public schools the safest place for students during an emergency. 

For more information please see the Parent Student Handbook, Emergency Preparedness Section


Assistant Principal